Race to Mackinac Supplemental Weather Information
This page provides supplemental weather information for the Race. 

This data is in addition to OFFICIAL forecasts and warning produced for the lake and coastal areas by the National Weather Service. Users should check the NWS Web Site for latest forecasts, warnings, and advisories posted for the lake.

Contact us for information on GRIB data for other races and events.
GRIB forecast data for use in routing and navigation software
The following links provide GRIB - formatted forecast data which can be used in routing software programs, such as Expedition.
Watch this short tutorial video - Link

Right-click on link and save to your GRIB folder

18-hour Nowcast (Updated hourly):
High Resolution Rapid Refresh-  Link
60-Hour Forecast (Update 4x/day)
NAM-Nest 3km resolution - Link
84-Hour Forecast (Updated 4x/day)
NAM 12km resolution - Link
Latest conditions
Great AnalysisGreat Analysis
Surface conditions on the lake - Click on image to open in new window
Latest Surface Wind AnalysisLatest Wave Height AnalysisLatest Lake Surface Temperature AnalysisLatest Lake Surface Current Analysis
Satellite Images
Great Vis/IRGreat Lakes Enhanced IRGreat Vis/IR
Regional Radar
Regional Radar