Weather and race navigation training

Sailing Weather Service has weather training courses geared to any level of sailor, from local club to America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race winners. Our courses can be tailored to your interests and needs.

All instruction is provided by Chief Meteorologist, Chris Bedford.
Some typical courses we teach:
Interpreting weather maps Common symbols Types of maps Weather map oddities Importance of skepticism
Weather Systems The 5 main air masses Fronts and other boundaries Low pressure centers (cyclones) The conceptual model of a cyclone High pressure centers (anticyclones)
The Large Scale (Synoptic) Wind The pressure gradient force driving the wind The gradient wind we sail in
The Thermal Wind (Sea, Lake, & Land Breezes) How a thermal wind develops Climatology of thermal winds Timing thermal wind development Diagnosing thermal wind strength
How Topography Affects Winds All topographic affects are local Winds near bays Winds on lakes Winds near coastlines
Shining a Light on Clouds Importance of clouds Formation Cloud classification High clouds Middle clouds Low Clouds
Clearing Up Strategy Around Clouds Why clouds present strategic opportunities Updraft (“sucking”) clouds Downdraft (“blowing”) clouds Convergence cloud lines Confluence cloud lines Deceleration cloud lines Cloud streets
Sensing the Weather Extending your view beyond the horizon Using Satellite Images
o How satellite images are obtained and where to view
o Types of imagery (visible and infrared)
o Identifying cloud types from satellite images Using Radar Images
o How radar images are obtained and where to view
o Interpreting radar images Satellite derived winds
Weather Models: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly How a model attempts to predict the weather Types of weather models Using weather models before you set sail
Using Marine Weather Forecasts Common marine weather terms Consulting multiple sources Limitations of marine weather forecasts Understanding why nothing is certain Plan for the worst, hope for the best
GRIB Files, A Cost Effective and Simple Tool For Visualizing The Weather. Understanding GRIBS Obtaining GRIBS Using GRIBS
Day Sailors, What to Know Before You Go Painting a weather picture in 10 minutes How to approach the “sunny” day How to approach the “cloudy” day

Contact us to set up a training course for you, your team, an event or yacht club.