High Resolution and Ensemble Forecast GRIBs 
We have access to over 150 models, from global coverage to local area. GRIB models cover periods as little as the next 24 hours, to as much as 15 days in the future. Updated continuously, the models can be used for:
  • Optimum route planning for ocean and coastal races
  • Determining weather windows suitable for record attempts or deliveries
  • Local race wind forecasting considering the effects of geography and diurnal heating/cooling
SWS Model data is suitable for use in most popular routing and navigation software.
High Resolution Historical GRIB Data
We maintain a 20+ year record of global 10-meter winds at a scale of 0.25 deg latitude by 0.25 deg longitude. 
  • Yacht design and optimization
  • Race and event planning
  • Sail design/build decisions
Historical data can be cut and packaged for any area or time period of interest. This data has been used by numerous racing yacht designers, sail designers, winning around the world race teams, and navigators researching the typical weather conditions and tactical decisions necessary in offshore racing.
Detailed Race Forecasts
Sailing Weather Service forecasts have been honed with over 30 years of experience forecasting for sailors. They are written with a specific focus on providing information a competitive sailor needs on the race course. Terms and expressions familiar to the sailor are used, and a description of the evolution of weather related to the specific racing area is presented. 
Download our Guide to Terms and Expressions used in our weather forecasts.

Read this tutorial to get the most out of our detailed forecasts.
Special Projects
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race
Sailing Weather Service is providing weather support for the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race on an exclusive basis to the Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team. This is the team's second attempt to win this prestigious race, and have selected Sailing Weather Service a second time to assist with their campaign.
2014-15 Barcelona World Race
The Barcelona World Race competitors received daily weather forecasts from Sailing Weather Service as part of their onboard weather package. We also provided daily weather reports and graphics for the race web site. The double-handed, non-stop around the world race started in Barcelona on December 31, 2014.